Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Moving things to and from /bigtmp/

/bigtmp/ is our temporary swap directory on Isbrae.  There are lots of ways to get thigns to and from /bigtmp, depending on what platform you use, where you are (whether you are hard-wired to the Fairchild subnet), and your personal preference.

First off, take a look at bigtmp by logging into isbrae, to see what's there:  Open a terminal (I'm on HawleyMBP, my macbook pro) and at your prompt:

HawleyMBP:~ bo$ ssh bo@isbrae
Last login: Mon May 14 17:38:03 2012 from hawleymbp.kiewit.dartmouth.edu
[bo@isbrae ~]$ ls /bigtmp/
[bo@isbrae ~]$

Looks like there's nothing there now- which is not surprising, since bigtmp is wiped clean every weekend (otherwise it wouldn't be very tmp, would it?).

So lets find a file we'd like to put up onto isbrae.  I'll use a matlab file I created for Blythe:

HawleyMBP:~ bo$ ls -lh for_blythe.mat
-rw-r--r--  1 bo  glaciology   458M May 15 09:53 for_blythe.mat
HawleyMBP:~ bo$

Note that this file would never be possible to email, as it's 485Mb! 

So, to copy is up to isbrae, I use "secure copy" or scp:

HawleyMBP:~ bo$ scp for_blythe.mat bo@isbrae:/bigtmp/
for_blythe.mat                                100%  458MB  11.5MB/s   00:40   
HawleyMBP:~ bo$

And then log in and check that the permissions are correct:

HawleyMBP:~ bo$ ssh isbrae
Last login: Tue May 15 09:57:20 2012 from hawleymbp.kiewit.dartmouth.edu
[bo@isbrae ~]$ ls -lh /bigtmp/
total 459M
-rw-r--r-- 1 bo glaciology 459M May 15 09:55 for_blythe.mat
[bo@isbrae ~]$

and those last two 'r's in the permissions line show that both the workgroup (glaciology) and in fact any user on isbrae has read permissions.  So you can send your colleague the path, and he or she should be able to pick it up!  Next time- doing it in another way!

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